Hybrid Classes

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Hybrid Classes

Our Hybrid Classes take the concept of Personal Training and make it more accessible, more convenient and even more comprehensive. You will be aligned with one coach that works directly with you on a personal level. Your coach is responsible for guiding not only your physical training but also addressing your nutrition and lifestyle outside of the gym.

This holistic approach emphasizes the importance of things like stress relief, sleep, hydration, nutrition, food hygiene, and all other lifestyle factors in conjunction with your physical training.

Our unique class structure combines the positive benefits of group training (fun, social engagement, challenging one another) with the drastically improved outcomes of a personalized program (training and habit creation built around your priorities, your needs and your life). 

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I am absolutely thrilled with my progress. I am down 10-12 pounds, I feel like a completely different person, even after just 6 weeks.

Sarah Penkin
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Hybrid Classes

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