Group Classes

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Balance of strength & conditioning
High-energy group atmosphere
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Group Classes

Our group classes are meant to provide the best possible training in a group atmosphere, with a balanced approach to intensity. Much of the fitness world will have you believe the only way to get fit is to “push harder” “more intensity” “leave you physically exhausted after every extreme workout”…we know that is not the best way, especially for long-term health.

Blindly following that trend of constant intensity can result in stagnation, loss of results and a decrease in your overall health. Our group approach is rooted in sound training principles delivered in a fun, interactive and supportive class environment.

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The coaches and the KINETIX Community of members have had such a positive impact on my life, and one of the areas I’ve noticed it most is how I handle stress and "life’s hidden lessons".

Bernadette Eichas
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Group Classes

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