3 Early-Morning Tips to Decrease Daily Stress

You might’ve noticed an increase in people talking about their morning routines. Lots of people have success once they set up these routines. They feel more productive, mindful, positive, and experience less stress throughout the day.

Even if you don’t go as far as to create a full-blown structured morning routine, there are a few things you can do early in your day to promote a decrease in your stress level. Here are a few early-morning tips to decrease your daily stress:

1. Prepare the Night Before.

If you wait until the morning to figure out what to eat for breakfast, pack a lunch, decide what to wear, shower and get ready, and remember all the things you need for the day, you might forget something and leave the house feeling frazzled. All of this frenzied energy compounds when you help your family get ready, too.

The solution? Do as much of all of those things the night before. Prepare meals, lay out your clothes, and pack up your laptop. Getting things ready the night before can help you remember everything you need. No more running around the house trying to gather up all you need (only to forget your coffee, phone, wallet, etc.).

2. Resist the Snooze Button.

The alarm goes off, and you hit the snooze button. We all do. Just five more minutes. Or seven. The alarm goes off again, and again with the snooze button until the last possible minute that you must get out of bed. And then run around the house trying to do all the things, so you’re not late for work. It’s hard but resist the urge to hit the snooze button. Use those valuable minutes to take your time in the morning. Better yet, set your alarm for a few minutes earlier than you usually wake up.

3. Leave Your Phone and Social Media Alone.

When you wake up the morning, it’s tempting to start scrolling through your notifications immediately. Especially when your phone doubles as your alarm clock. (It’s right there in your hand, what are you supposed to do?) It will take some self-control, but resist the urge to start scrolling as soon as you wake up. Bombarding your brain with a ton of content right when you wake up can be rough. Give your mind a chance to wake up.

Another great way to get your day started right is with an awesome workout! But if morning workouts aren’t your thing, we have a variety of class time to fit your schedule. The coaches at Kinetix in Rochester are here to help you train, move, eat, and live well. To learn more about how to get started, contact us today.


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